MosquitoCon Service

The killer disease such as Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Japanese Encephalitis are being transmitted through mosquitoes. An integrated approach consisting of Larvicidal, indoor residual Spray, Foliage Spray is carried out to control these vectors. These operations are undertaken in small industrial towns. Townships, Housing, Colonies, Villages and Major Cities.

A number of insecticides have been registered for use in mosquito control. The relative

value of chemical control varies with the mosquito species and environmental conditions at the location where control is to be applied. Because each situation differs, care must be taken to select the proper insecticide for a particular situation. Some factors to be considered include:

  • effectiveness against target species (resistance problems)
  • relative toxicity to man and domestic animals (impact on non-target organisms)
  • contamination of garden or fruit& vegetations
  • need for residual action in some situation
  • offensiveodor& staining, etc.

Control measures includes :larvicidal treatment in stagnant water bodies if inside the premises, Residual spray on vulnerable hiding and sitting places of mosquitoes. Hot or cold fogging to kill adult mosquitoes in periphery.