RatCon Solutions

This service is carried out against rats, mice. Bandi-coots but not for shrews. They are intelligent agile incisors, can exert pressure of 24000 psi which is sufficient enough to gnaw wood plastic and even metals. They are prolific breeder. The young reaches to sexual maturiply to 800 youngs in a year with a favorable feeding and nesting condition. Their dropping, urine and hair contaminate the food and surrounding. They are also responsible for more than 40 diseases.

Rodents include rats mice and bandicoots commensal rodents are those which live with or near man. Rodents are considered as Number 1 pest of mankind, since they are responsible for damage to his food at all stages from field to his dining table. They are also responsible for the transmission of dreaded diseases to man They are also responsible for damage to his property by way of gnawing which may result in short circuit and fire hazards.

Being a mammal rats our very intelligent and highly adaptable creature. Rodents control is always a tough and challenging activity.
The control strategy includes combination of:-
1. Baiting 2. Trapping 3. Proofing with latest available techniques.

The treatment package includes proofing, baiting and trapping with the use of sticky glue/cage/snap traps etc.