Termicon Services

This service is earned out against the hidden enemy of Human being. Termites which are social insects line in the Earth more than 250 million years, long before the existence of human being. They are broadly classified into three group”s- i.e. subterranean Termites, Damp, Wood Termite and Dry Wood Termites. Out of these three groups the Subterranean Termites causes maximum DFamages in the world. They feed on anything which carries Cellulose i.e. Wood, Paper, Clothes etc and causes significant Aesthetic damage to the property.

The treatment consists of Drill-Inject-Seal Technique to form a chemical barrier against termites around your Property. This treatment can be carried out in building during construction (Pre-construction Service) and also to the existing Building (Post Construction Service), the Service is backed by Annual MaintenaceContract(AMC) / Five years Maintenance Contract/ Ten Years Maintenance Contract Warranty against termites.